God's Approval

2 Timothy 2:15 asserts that we must STUDY to show ourselves approved by God. Many of us mistake the word “study” to mean get your books and notes out and do a little research. But in this scripture, the word STUDY actually means to be diligent, to focus, prioritize, and make every effort. So the lesson objective is for us to be dedicated and committed to getting God’s approval. Let’s stop looking for approval from people and look for God’s approval. Let’s not seek to please people more than we seek to please God. Yes, we do want approval and acceptance from spouses, supervisors, teachers, and parents but God is greater than they are. If we get His approval, their approval is sure to follow. And, with God’s approval we can EXPECT and accomplish so much. Years ago, I had a vision of myself on a track, sprinting past an athlete who was getting ready to throw the shot putt. God spoke to my heart and said, “You’re competing against someone who isn’t even in your race.” I realized I was seeking approval and acceptance from people in an area that I wasn’t supposed to be in and trying to impress the wrong crowd. I now make it my aim to be “me” all the time, to do what God has instructed for “me” to do, and to STUDY, focus, and prioritize getting God’s approval above anyone else’s. God wants to improve you and approve you. Increase your expectations!

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