Get Loaded

Psalm 68:19 is a popular scripture that most believers memorize. It reads: Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation. How many of us have stopped to think about what this scripture really means? We quote it, but do we produce the fruit of it? Basically, it means God has a blessing, benefit, open door, and new opportunity available to us every day. Every single day, God has loads of benefits for us. Did you get loaded up today? You can’t carry a load in a purse or a backpack. A load requires a big basket, a wheelbarrow, an SUV. This daily load is our very own individual benefits package from God. Most companies offer employees a benefits package that includes certain advantages. The package may include life insurance benefits, additional coverage benefits for family members, a matching contribution to your financial investments, and sometimes an annual bonus. Surely if our employer can offer good benefits, God can offer so much more. God’s benefit package includes life insurance through salvation, coverage for us and our families (by His blood), a return for our giving, and a reward for our Kingdom investments. But the bonus is daily, not annually. Who wouldn’t serve a God like that? Your next load of benefits is on the way. Increase your expectations.

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