Leaves Fall Off

Autumn is truly my favorite time of year. I love the changing colors of the leaves. I love watching them fall off. All around me the season is changing. Leaves change colors, fall off, and dry up. And, so do some relationships. This month I am re-evaluating some relationships and accepting the season of change. People leave our lives for various reasons—relocation, new interests, differing opinions, death, etc. Consider who God has assigned to you versus who you have allowed to be attached to you. Sometimes people cause us more harm than good. Often, it’s not the people who leave your life that cause the most harm; it’s the ones who stay too long. So when relationships expire, you must detach. If they can and should

be saved, do your part to save them and trust God with the results. But if the season has ended and you can do better without them, let the leaves fall off. Soon, the season will change again and new budding relationships full of life and light will blossom. Increase your expectations.

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