It's NO-vember!

Have you been saying YES all year? To whom have you been saying YES—your family, your friends, the job, the problems, and the drama? Saying YES to them often requires that you say NO to you. What did you start this year that you didn’t finish? What promises did you make to yourself that you have not kept? You probably told yourself you were going to eat healthier and get more exercise, take long walks and long baths, spend more time with family and friends, or finish a long-term project. Did you keep those commitments or did you allow a YES to them compromise a YES to you? Of course you want to give back, lift others up, and always be there. But treating others well while neglecting yourself usually leads to your body telling you NO. And, you need a YES to keep going. Since this month is NO-vember, there's still time to be true to yourself this year. You can just say NO and turn your face to the wall. Be thankful for that.

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