Let God Choose Your Mentor

God assigned Aaron to assist Moses and assigned Moses to lead Aaron. When Elijah asked his apprentice Elisha what last thing he could do for him, Elisha asked for a double anointing. To get it, he stayed with Elijah until their team assignment was complete. God told pregnant Mary to go visit pregnant Elizabeth, where he had pre-orchestrated their spiritual connection. Since you don’t know everything about the journey and destination God has for you, then you are in no position to choose your own guide. If you do choose one and end up on the wrong path, you will lose so much precious time getting back on track. The purpose of mentors is not so you can be impressed by their lifestyle but imprinted by their character. They don’t have to tell you what to do; they show you by how they live. So, rather than trying to look and dress like them, just try to live like them. You never have to choose a mentor; God will do it for you.

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