Get Schooled at Church

Have you thought about who the students are in your church, what their needs are as learners, and what adult members of your church can do to address these needs? It is not okay for you as pastors and youth ministry leaders to be completely oblivious to who the youth in your congregation are as learners. They can’t understand the Bible if they can’t read it and they can’t live it if they don’t understand it. We can’t just hope and pray that our youth do well in school, graduate, get good jobs, and live in prosperity, we have to develop programs and implement strategies to ensure that they do. Students in your ministry should have no choice and no excuse not to be successful in the classroom. Why can’t your church be an environment where tutoring in reading, writing, and math is readily available to every child that wants it? Mis-education is already happening in public schools. Students don’t need to get it at church, too.

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