Happy Miss Independent Day!

In a song entitled “Miss Independent,” the artist writes: she walks like a boss, talks like a boss… moves like a boss and does what a boss does…she has her own thing, that’s why I love her… Miss Independent.” I like this song because it encourages the progressive woman in leadership to do her thing. But I also recognize, we must be careful not to get so engrossed in our own thing that we forgot about other people, and other things. We can’t be so independent that we become callous, insensitive and desensitized to the needs of the people around us. There are people who need to depend on you. There seems to be a modern-day progression toward everybody’s need to “get what’s mine.” But if we as independent women will encourage, support, and uplift one another then we can all get what’s ours, and get it together. Free yourself so you can free your sister.

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