Who Are You?

In 1 Chronicles 4, there is a short bio of a young guy named Jabez. These “chronicles” provide a record of genealogies that identify who was related to whom. This record is quite an exhausting list that can get rather boring as you read it. That is, until you come across the story of Jabez, whom the Bible refers to as the one who prayed and the one who was more honorable than his brothers. This interruption in the genealogies within this scripture provides a time of reflection for us to think about not who we are related to but who we are, as individuals. It makes us ask the person in the mirror some critical questions. If the chronology of your family tree was interrupted, what would your short bio say? Are you someone who prays? Are you a person of honorable character? This is something to think about. But let’s not just think about this; let’s do something about it. Let’s be and do and behave in a way that sets us apart from others. Let’s be who God wants us to be—people of prayer and honor.

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